RRR, Jr NTR, Ram Charan, RajamouliRRR hit the silver screens over 3 weeks ago, but Mega and Nandamuri fans are still quarreling with each other as they debate which hero came up with a better performance in the film. Their verbal exchanges on social media are often crossing the line and here is one such incident.

The other day, senior Telugu actor Bramhaji shared a screenshot of Jr NTR from Komuram Bheemudo song in RRR. This infuriated mega fans and they have started abusing the former.

Mega fans are using unspeakable language to abuse Bramhaji as they seem to be upset with the actor sharing NTR’s photo. Well, he never said or implied that Ram Charan did not do well in the film, but Mega fans are calling him names and making it bigger than what it is.

“Veedevado Nandmuri K*kka la unnadu. He invited Chiranjeevi for his son’s film O Pitta Katha pre release event and Chiru came. He doesn’t even have that courtesy and he is sitting in Nandamuri camp now. Siggu ledu,” a mega fan commented.

Neutral netizens are now commenting that “Every individual has his/her opinion and that should be respected. Just because an actor implied he liked NTR’s performance or shared a photo of him, people can’t abuse and call him names. This shows the childish mentality of Mega fans. If NTR’s fans do something like this in the future, they are to be faulted. This is unacceptable behavior.”