rgv-mega-fans-commentsAfter Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that mega fans and especially Pawan Kalyan’s fans are illiterates; the attention of observers, common audiences and media critics was diverted to the behaviour of powerstar’s fans on various film related events. They are under heavy criticism for proving RGV right and continuing to misbehave by creating big ruckus by shouting slogans and interrupting the proceedings of events.

During a media chat, when RGV was asked to call for an interaction with Pawan Kalyan’s fans, instead of taking on them heavily on Twitter, RGV said that mega fans can only shout, they can’t talk. He means to say that they aren’t open to discussions but more interested to shouting and interrupting.

This isn’t the complaint only from RGV, though not openly acknowledged, mega family events are turning nightmares as fans are not allowing others to speak or let go the proceedings smoothly.