Boyapati-Srinu---Vinaya-Vidheya-RamaThe verdict of the audiences on ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama‘ is out and the disaster talk is everywhere. Social media trolls are making merry quoting the illogical scenes from the movie. Obviously, mega fans on social media are totally annoyed by the critical reception and finding ways to vent their emotions as they need to something as an outlet.

Though it doesn’t make sense, fans on social media are blaming Boyapati Sreenu as a covert who had intentionally spoiled Ram Charan’s movie for the sake of doing good for Balakrishna’s Sankranthi release. It’s quite understandable how fans react when their favourite hero’s film bombs big time. They go to any extent and turn creative to defend their favourite matinee idol. Here, is one such case when mega fans are getting creative in a different way.

But, one thing must be taken into consideration. No director who has good market will do intentional damage to his market as a film can change his fate overnight and end everything that he earned. Boyapati is no different. However, one must understand that fans are fans and their emotions are emotions. When they are disappointed, this is what happens and of course, this must not be taken as a blame game.