Mega Daughter Niharika Konidela on Spicy HeadlinesMega Daughter Niharika Konidela’s ‘Happy Wedding’ with hero Sumanth Ashwin is ready for release on 28th July and she is bang on promoting her movie big time after the audio launch event of the movie. She is hoping that it will be her first breakthrough film in Tollywood.

During the promotional interviews, she was obviously bombarded with questions on the rumours regarding her alleged relationship in the air and alleged marriage with one of her co-stars, i.e., real-life wedding with Naga Shourya. This almost looks like it isn’t going to happen now. When asked about the rumours, she said those were spicy headlines.

Niharika made fun of those spicy headlines by saying that when the actual news comes out about her wedding, probably there wouldn’t be any hype around it as her marriage has been made spicier already. Sumanth added that she is the most eligible bachelorette around in Telugu Film Industry. Yep!