It is very much clear that mega fans have split into two groups. One group turning Pawan’s admirers and the remaining supporting Chiru and Ram Charan as Exclusive Charan’s Fans. The petty fights between the two groups went to the extent that both the groups are launching different programmes targetting each other as opponents. This blame game started since Pawan’s political entry news leaked out before the general elections of 2014.

Though mega heroes kept saying that there is no real rift among the mega fans, they never tried to put a check on the growing tiffs between the two groups. On the occasion of Pawan’s birthday once again the face off between Pawan group and ECF surfaced internally and each mega brother Naga Babu entered the scene. He literally gave a big shunting type class to all the mega fans of the two groups.

Naga Babu observed that several issues might have crept into the mega camp and there is an apparent rift among them. He opines that they can support any party and might have any political inclinations, that is all personal and very much individual. Coming to films, megafans should be united. He further warned fans that Chiru will not tolerate abuses on Pawan and Pawan will not tolerate anyone abusing Chiranjeevi. Though divided in politics, they are always united as brothers.

Naga Babu’s blame game on mega fans has turned out to be very important because there are people asking why did the mega brother keep quiet all the while when mega fans were publicly abusing each other to prove loyalty to the mega hero group they are enticing. Now that his son debut film is going to release soon, he needs the support of all the mega fans, irrespective of the group they are supporting. What do you think guys?