Actor, Naga Babu spoke to the media and fans today, about his elder brother, Chiranjeevi’s way of thinking and approach towards situations. Although he talked just a little about PRP, he did not say a single word about his younger brother, Pawan Kalyan and his party.

Chiranjeevi was still a student at a film school, when he first entered Telugu Film industry. During the early days at the industry, an incident occurred. That incident had such a huge impact on him that from then on, he set a goal to become the best actor in the industry someday and had worked hard for it, said Naga Babu. He always has a great vision towards whatever work he does, be it acting or politics.

It is well know that Chiranjeevi has been the best of the lot during his times in film industry. But when it comes to politics, if he really had that great a vision, one wonder why did he merge PRP with Congress!