Nagababu KonidelaNaga Babu never minces his words and is known for his blunt and straightforward approach. While the actor is synonymous with controversies, his unseen soft corner is hardly ever spoken of. This has now been revealed by junior artiste Bombay Padma.

Bombay Padma has revealed that anyone who approaches Naga Babu, never returns empty-handed. Speaking more about his generosity, she says that she approached him for work during her low phase. Naga Babu immediately helped her to find work through his contacts.

“I am thankful to Naga Babu for helping me out back then. Later on, through my talent work should flow in but if every time I seek help from Naga Babu doesn’t look apt. I have also seen how Naga Babu helped many people,” says the junior artiste.

Naga Babu, has given money to someone right in front of me. However others said that he is getting duped, to which Naga Babu said, “Let it be, he has come to us and anyone who comes to us should never go empty-handed”. Such is his approach to help all,” says the junior artiste.