Meera Chopra Controversy: Is It Right To Blame Jr NTR?Remember Meera Chopra, the heroine in Pawan Kalyan’s Annavaram? The actress is suddenly in the limelight and is in the middle of a full-blown war with NTR fans. The actress in interaction with fans said something like she does not like or know Junior NTR.

Some miscreants in NTR fans have reacted with vulgar comments. Since then, the actress is waging a war on the entire fans of NTR and the actor himself. She is demanding that NTR should do something about then. She went on to say ask, “Do you feel successful with such a fan following?”.

She also reported to the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police to take action on the fan-clubs of NTR. Firstly, the abuses hurled on Ms. Meera are highly deplorable and condemnable. But then, it is also a fact that it is not right to blame all the fans of NTR because of a few miscreants.

In no way, Tarak is responsible for the work of a few fans. Neither all the fans are. Fan-club of a star hero is just like a mini-country. There are different types of people with various mindsets, backgrounds, castes, creed, religion, etc. Except that they all like or love an actor, it is not possible for them to behave the same. It is not even possible for the actors – Tarak or any other star to be responsible for everyone’s behavior. Its time the law enforcement to act on the miscreants and Meera Chopra to focus only on them.