Meena Condemns Fake News About Husband's DeathThe husband of senior actress Meena, Vidyasagar (48), died in a private hospital on 28th June. There were several news reports surrounding his death.

One of the rumors that were circulating on social media is that his death was caused by inhaling a germ that had spread from pigeon droppings.

Actress Meena took to her social media account and condemned the rumors. She wrote, “I am deeply saddened by the loss of my loving husband, Vidya Sagar. I sincerely request all media to respect our privacy and sympathize with our situation. Please stop the further broadcast of any false information on this matter.”

“During these difficult times, I want to express my gratitude to all those good hearts who helped and stood with our family. I would like to thank the Medical Team who tried their best, our Chief Minister, Health Minister, Radhakrishnan IAS, Colleagues, Friends, Family, Media & My loving fans for sending love and prayers.”

Veteran actress Khushbu asked the media not to spread fake news about his death and create any kind of unnecessary fear among the public. She confirmed that Meena’s husband, Vidyasagar, had been suffering from lung issues for a long time. He got infected by COVID a few months back, and his lungs got damaged severely.

According to sources, the doctors advised him to get a lung transplant a few weeks ago but they couldn’t find a donor due to the long waiting list. Doctors then tried to treat his ailment with medicines, but he couldn’t be saved.

May God give Meena the strength to come out of this grief.