Media Has Its Own Way of Portraying Balakrishna - Shriya SaranIt has become very regular in the case of Balayya regarding the slap-gate controversy. What does his co-star Shriya Saran think about Balayya’s short temper and how does she cope up with his anger while shooting with the Nandamuri hero?

Frankly speaking, Shriya Saran diplomatic when she talked about Balayya’s anger in a recent interview for promoting ‘Paisa Vasool’. “Maybe, media has its own way of Balayya,” is the comment of the actress who has got to do heroine roles back to back in Balakrishna’s movies.

She has got no problems with his anger issues as Balayya treats his co-artists well opines Shriya. Talking about Balayya’s US fans, Shriya says she is literally spellbound by the kind of fan following he commands in the United States.

No one used to pay attention to her when Balakrishna is around. People came in cars and caravans to see Balayya. He has crazy fans everywhere and she saw his craze at peaks wherever he went in the US.