Media-Starts-Haunting-Koratala-Siva---Bharat-Ane-NenuBharat Ane Nenu‘ is all set for 20th April release and the film’s team will be promoting the movie actively on various media platforms. Obviously, director Koratala Siva will be one of the prominent faces for the promotional activities.

In one of the promotional interviews, the director was asked about Sri Reddy’s allegations on him and the director said that he will speak about the issue, later, as he is presently concentrating only on promoting his movie. True. He will be extensively promoting Mahesh Babu’s movie.

That means, Koratala can’t escape this question and he will be constantly haunted by the media to get a response from him. But, we know that a director of his stature will exercise his conscience and refrain himself from getting into controversies. Let’s see how the director deals with the question about Sri Reddy.