Rajamouli believes that the people have the characters of Baahubali in their hearts. ‘Baahubali’ became a brand and many people adored it for not only the story but because they loved the characters. Even media liked ‘Baahubali‘ explained Rajamouli.

He said, “The media might write something bad about me, Prabhas or someone, but not about ‘Baahubali’. According to him, Baahubali is so close to everyone that he could never envisage anything against Baahubali from the media. As of now, Rajamouli is busy giving the final touches and hence didn’t send the epic sequel for the Censor.

Censor will happen, only when they are really close to the release date. Rajamouli has this history of shooting portions of his movies even before four days of release. ‘Baahubali 2’ is going to have run time of 2 hours and 50 minutes and that’s quite a lengthy one. Let’s see how Rajamouli makes us sit glued to our seats all through these three hours.