Media Making Me Against My Ex Pawan Kalyan Fans - Renu DesaiOnce Renu Desai starts sharing something, even if it is very personal or concerned to society in general, Pawan Kalyan fans are rushing to comment either negatively or positively. So, Renu Desai is in a situation where she has to give clarification for almost every post she shares expressing her personal feelings.

On the other day, Renu Desai expressed her opinions on getting married again. She told that at a point of time, she too thinks she had a person who can look after her in times of need to share and take care of the kids. That opinion was in general. But, Pawan fans started reacting and asked her not to marry and lose respect in their eyes.

A section of Pawan Kalyan fans wants her to remain single and be their ‘Vadina’. Amidst this chaos, there had been reports that Renu Desai is going to get married. Once again, Renu Desai had to give clarification and requested those individuals and media people not to make her against her ex-husband’s fans for writing and sharing something, in general.

As long as Pawan Kalyan’s fans see Renu Desai as Pawan’s wife (forgetting she is his ex-wife and he is married to another woman), this is going to continue.