Media Made Headlines on Ramya Krishna's Political EntryPost essaying the powerful women roles like Goddess Ammoru in ‘Ammoru’, ‘Neelambari’ in ‘Narasimha’ and Shivagami in ‘Baahubali’, Ramya Krishna became a poster girl for the face of a powerful woman.

Talking about her political entry that made headlines recently, Ramya Krishna explained how her words were misquoted. In an interview when she was asked about her political entry, she answered saying she doesn’t know what destiny holds for her in the future.

If politics is written for her, she might come. But, conveniently, the lines were twisted and media converted it and made it sensational. She is clear that destiny would only decide for her what she would do in the future. With the kind of experiences, she went through in her life, Ramya considered herself a powerful woman.