Media Exploiting Veteran Actor's ChadasthamKota Srinivasa Rao has made headlines once again. He spoke about Ram Charan’s poor acting skills in an interview and is facing the ire from all the mega fans since today morning.

This is not the first time that Kota has done this. Even in the past, he made comments against noted heroes and upset their fans. But as he has aged, his interviews have become even more hitting. Even in a an interview Kota struggled to remember Mahesh Babu’s name, but the interviewers are after him for YouTube views.

The small-time TV and Youtube channels put him in a spot and ask him questions where he is forced to give some negative comments about stars. And he commented about Charan that he is not that good actor.

Seeing this sudden rage on Kota, many on social media feel that media should stop exploiting Kota for views. As he is aging gracefully, one should respect and remember him as a legend say the matured fans.