Media Cooking Nasty Gossips on Chay-Sam!Chay Akkineni and Samantha decided to part ways and ended their marital relationship in an organic manner. Their divorce shocked one and all but now news about Chay getting married again has now become a hot topic.

Bollywood media is filled with news that Chay is all set to get married again and this time, it will be a girl from outside the industry. As this report is carried on a noted web media portal in Bollywood, news spread thick and fast.

Back in Tollywood, this news has not been appreciated and fans are upset with the Bollywood media for cooking such nasty gossip about Chay-Sam. The way the report is carried out in the portal puts Chay in a bad light saying within just a few months of his divorce, Chay is getting married again.

But the fact of the matter is that all these reports are baseless and the core team has confirmed that this news is fake. Of late, Bollywood media is after Telugu cinema and its stars and is cooking up stories like this just to grab the attention of the viewers and this news is also one such gossip.