Manchu Vishnu Maa PresidentManchu Vishnu has unleashed a massive campaign in the run up to the MAA Elections. The campaign has started more than a month ago and as the elections drew closer, we have seen both the sides calling for Pressmeets almost every day.

Vishnu’s Pressmeets for MAA Election have outnumbered the Promotional events of any of his films. Meanwhile, Vishnu is taking charge as MAA President today. Vishnu’s PRO has sent a message saying that Photographers and YouTube Channels are not allowed to the event.

The message cited COVID norms as the reason. They said they would provide the photos, videos, and link to Telecast the event live. Media Personnel question how COVID protocols came now when no one remembered the same during all those Pressmeets before the election campaign.

They allege that Vishnu seems to be displaying ‘Use and Throw’ policy after coming to Power. Meanwhile, Vishnu becomes the youngest President in the history of MAA.