Meda Meeda Abbayi Movie Trailer TalkThe theatrical trailer of Allari Naresh’s new film Meda Meeda Abbayi is out. The actor has pinned huge hopes on this movie to break the unsuccessful run at the box office.

Compared to some of the recent films of Allari Naresh, there is a believable setup and ground for Meda Meeda Abbayi. Interest for sure is generated in overall premise, but the trailer is missing a must watch wow factor or for certain need to check out in theatre vibe. It is alright when it could have been so much better. The lethargic feeling sets in watching the trailer which could be due to the way it has been cut. It is a remake, so one expects there will be content. Let’s hope for Allari Naresh’s sake it has been made well and is a good film overall, irrespective of the trailer.

Check out the trailer below. Allari Naresh and Nikhila star in the movie. G Prajith director of the original directs the film. Meda Meeda Abbayi hits screens worldwide on September 8.