Most Eligible Bachelor pre release Event Akhil SpeechcMost Eligible Bachelor starring Akkineni Akhil held its pre-release event today in Hyderabad. The words of the presenter Allu Aravind stood out and brought cheers to the Akkineni fans.

As we all know, the Mega family has a close relationship with the Akkineni family. It is true for Allu’s as well. In the past, we saw that with 100% Love, that turned out to be a major game-changer for Naga Chaitanya.

Speaking at the function, Allu Aravind said that, he has an unwritten bond and a promise to fulfil to the Akkineni family. A part of it was delivered with 100% Love, the next will be done with Most Eligible Bachelor. It indirectly assures that, Akhil will have his first hit.

Akkineni fans have been keeping a lot of hopes on Most Eligible Bachelor based on Allu Aravind’s track record. They would no doubt be happy with his words.

Most Eligible Bachelor is a romantic comedy starring Akhil and Pooja Hegde. Bommarillu Bhaskar helms the project. Bunny Vaas and Vasu Varma jointly produce the movie on the GA2 banner. MEB hits screens worldwide on October 15th.