matigudi-gudi-stunt-master-ravi-varma-abscondingThe death of the young actors of Kannada Film Industry came as a shocker to many as it was not fate but the fault human fault that had led to the untimely death of the two actors Anil and Uday.

According to the latest information available, the stunt master is found absconding from the scene as he failed to take the security measures for which he was given Rs. 3 lakhs by the producers of the movie ‘Masti Gudi’. His sheer negligence led to two deaths.

Experts say that even Olympic swimmers will not dare to swim in the cold waters of the reservoir. Ravi Varma, the stunt master of the film acted so irresponsible when asked about the safety measures and told lies that he did in fact, take precautions. This is one eye-opener for the folks in the film industry who play with their lives.