Suriya-Masss-trailer-talk-first onlineSince a few days, there has been a buzz that Suriya’s upcoming movie ‘Masss’ isn’t a supernatural thriller but a horror comedy. This buzz came as a huge disappoinment to the fans of Suriya. When the official teaser of ‘Masss’, directed by Venkat Prabhu’s film came out on Friday, the horror element didn’t shock the audiences much.

As like any horror genre film, ‘Masss’ obviously is a revenge drama, but the horror element rendered in the teaser isn’t spooky enough to take it seriously. Suriya’s two different looks, glimpses of heroines Nayantara and Pranitha Subhash are usual. The posters of the movie released prior to this teaser are more interesting comparitively.

‘Masss’ is scheduled to go for theatrical release on May 15 and coming from a director like Venkat Prabhu who had ITFA best director award to his credit, Suriya’s fans have great hope there is more in store for them than what they’ve got to see in the trailer.