Gopala Gopala is the Telugu remake of Bollywood movie Oh My God which is a satirical film on religious beliefs and god men in our country. The film was a major success story prompting the remake in Telugu. It was launched late in the summer but so far very little shoot has happened for the movie. It is only now that many are getting an idea as to why it is so.

Well, reports suggest there has been great deal of changes in the subject which mostly centres on the increase in length of a certain Mr. Pawan Kalyan and other commercial elements involving him. The star is at the peak of his stardom and the makers want to take full advantage of it by giving him decent runtime in the film unlike the original where it was pretty limited in nature. These changes along with the fitness routine planned for the star has delayed the shoot so far. Now sources say everything is in order and shooting would happen at good pace with Pawan Kalyan too being part of it.

Gopala Gopala has Venkatesh and Shriya in main leads. The film produced jointly by Suresh Productions and Northstar Entertainments is scheduled to hit screens on January 14, 2015.