A massive clash which was predicted to happen for Christmas later in the year has been averted thanks to the timely intervention by the makers of the respective films. The film’s we are talking about are two of the biggest and most anticipated movies, PK and Bombay Velvet which have Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in respective films.

While the makers of the Aamir Khan starrer PK directed by Raju Hirani have moved the release a week back to December 19, the film Bombay Velvet has now been shifted by a month and would release on November 28 instead of the earlier proposed date of December 25. What this means is that now both the films can have big releases as they wish and since both the films star Anushka Sharma as heroine, it gives her a breathing space as well to promote her films. All that one has to see now is which one of the two films emerges as the bigger hit.