Vijay Facing Music for Criticising Modi DemonetizationThese days, responding on an issue can become a knife with two edges. That’s what’s happening in the case of Mass Star Vijay for his comments on demonetization declared by Modi. BJP leaders started criticising Vijay for not knowing the statistics before commenting on Modi’s historic decision.

Vijay’s comments basically pointed out at the hardships being faced by the general public in the wake of demonetization. He opined Modi could have taken proper measures before banning the highest denomination currency of the country. BJP leaders advised Vijay to join their party and serve people instead of making comments on a decision which is going to bring about a lot of change in the future.

Many are of the opinion that the problems we are facing today are only temporary and there is a greater good behind the ban. Even Vijay didn’t talk against the decision but only expressed concern over the common man’s suffering for currency notes. These kinds of war of words are expected while the entire world is watching India keenly to know the after effects of this historical demonetization.