Mass Anchor Udaya Bhanu Back, But Not an Easy RideThere is a satire that thas been doing rounds that star anchor Suma is on every television channel and if not the shows, she is even seen in the advertisements, on YouTube with her channel and also her short films, of course.

In this scenario, the mass anchor Uday Bhanu who used to rock television shows with her glamour and magical speaking skills is coming back to television after a long sabbatical after the birth of her twins.

When she was in the limelight, she had her share of controversies and personal issues that were made public. However, she remained the first anchor to attract the small screen viewers with her glamour and talent.

Udaya Bhanu’s comeback show has already begun on ETV, but it is going to be a tough fight for her on television with Suma reigning like no one else and there are two others who are reigning the glamour show aka Anasuya and Rashmi.