ChrisHemsworth-MaheshBabuA couple of days ago, it was reported that Rajamouli is collaborating with Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency as a part of which he will be using Hollywood resources (actors and technicians) for his next project with Mahesh Babu.

Now, what could be considered as an extension of Rajamouli’s collaboration with CAA, a new speculation has surfaced on social media.

As per this speculation, Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth, famous for playing the Thor character in Marvel Cinematic Universe, will apparently be seen in Mahesh Babu‘s film with Rajamouli. It is reported that Chris might be playing an extended cameo in Rajamouli’s next.

For now, this is wild speculation as not many can immediately comprehend the fact that Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu’s next film will have a Marvel superhero fame star in a cameo role. But if that really is the case, Rajamouli is indeed on course of pulling something spectacularly unimaginable.