Maruti came into limelight with his low-budget hit Ee Rojullo, and that was pretty much the beginning as well end of his career. Since then all the films he has directed or produced have failed to rake in the moolah. Now with a spate of flops behind him, filmmaker Maruthi is banking heavily on his upcoming films “Kai Raja Kai’ and ‘Lovers’. Will his magic work at the box-office this time?

He had some success with Prema Katha Chitram, but since he produced that film, he can’t be credited completely for it. His downward spiral began with his co-production ‘Romance’ last year. While ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ had content which was questionable, ‘Romance’ was in an altogether different league. Sreenivas, the other producer, appeared to cash in on Maruthi’s fame, but it backfired, thanks to the film’s cheap content and even cheaper visuals.

That leaves us wondering if his second directorial project with Allu Aravind, which was supposed to start in October, is still on the cards. It may bee too early to talk about it. Equations change overnight in the industry. However, with ‘Kai Raja Kai’ and ‘Lovers’, his new productions, carrying some positive buzz, he is not done yet. Let’s see if he can bounce back strongly.