Director Maruthi hit formula

If a film is a hit, its a hit and if its a flop, its a flop and we know this all based on collections and the trade reports. These hits and flops are often credited to the main leads for the big star movies and sometimes to crazy directors as well working with them. But how does one differentiate the same and attribute success among the small films. This is where brand Maruthi has cashed in and created his own formula.

The director with his debut movie Ee Rojullo created a new trend and has been ever since reaping its benefits. What is further adding to his success and brand is the way he is manipulating the success and failure and get the right credit for him. The director has so far delivered three successful films but has additional two more films to his credit which has been director by his proteges.

The formula is simple if the film is a success, brand it as a success of Maruthi and if its not complete disassociate from the said project. Prema Katha Chithram in the past and Lovers are recent examples of taking credit and Love You Banagaram falls into the category where he has failed but quickly sidelined himself from these projects. This formula seems to be working well for the director so far as today he has became a brand of his own and people come with certain expectations when its a film by Maruthi.

We would like to know from our readers if this strategy adopted by the director is good one or will it have a negative effect in the long run. Share us your thoughts below.