Maruthi surprises with Kotha Janta rating
Allu Sirish is completely ready with his second movie Kotha Janta. The film directed by Maruthi has completed its censor activities too recently and everything is set for a grand release for the actor. Coming to the movie rating it has surprisingly got a U/A. it is surprising because director Maruthi’s films so far have been awarded ‘A’ certificate by the censor board.

Working with a big banner and having the burden to re-launch Allu Sirish as an actor seems to have made director break his usual norm and come out with something more universal. Sources say that the film is a laugh riot without the usual vulgarity and double entendres associated with the director. If this news indeed turns out to be true then its good news for Allu Sirish more than anyone. But keeping the past track record of the director in mind we have to take whatever we have heard so far with a pinch of salt. Kotha Janta releases all over on May 1.