Praveen sattaru about reviewers , Praveen Sattaru Guntur Talkies, NRI Film maker Praveen Sattaru has unleashed a debate on reviews and reviewers which appear on online websites after the films hit screens every Friday. Whatever be the platform, he seems to be in the opinion that they aren’t upto the mark and questions their genuineness.

He tells how he made an off the record observation during the promotions of his award winning film ‘Chandamama Kathalu’ on reviews but his opinion appeared as headlines. Thus the debate on reviewers started happening. One of the channels even invited him for a live debate on the issue and he says he proved the other side wrong.

Praveen seems to be underestimating the regular online readers. They know which reviews are genuine and which aren’t. Since they have been regularly following the online reviews, they can make their judgements based on their experience. One can’t say all online readers are ignorant.