Manoj Bajpayee escapes a car accidentRemember actor Manoj Bajpayee who has played villain roles in many Telugu films and a very important character role in the film Vedam, the actor today escaped an accident narrowly that could have cause serious injury to him. It all happened at the shoot of his upcoming movie in Hindi titled Traffic. The actor had to do a small action sequence whereby he had to take a sharp turn at a very high speed.

Manoj Bajpayee apparently has a driving phobia and is scared of driving and even he is out with a driver he asks him to go slow. The actor developed this phobia as he has seen a gruesome accident during his childhood which had created a strong impact on him. Manoj Bajpayee has learned driving very recently and goes about driving in a very careful fashion so when the actor was asked to do a stunt involving the car, he panicked as feared and the result was this near escape from what could have been a very serious injury. Here’s hoping the actor has no such scares going further not just in shoot but in real life as well.