Manmadhudu-2-Director-Rahul-Ravindran---ChinmayiChinmayi once was known just as a brilliant dubbing artist and came to fame as she started to work for Samantha starting with Ye Maya Chesave. But now, she is known to the whole world (not literally), for her controversial itch and thanks to the casting couch trigger. Whether or not does it intentionally, she never takes a break from touching sensitive issues.

She is already a brand ambassador for feminism and obviously like and there always a battle between her and the young men on social media. But it is her poor husband, Rahul Ravindran, the director of Manmadhudu 2, turned the victim as they contentiously tag her husband asking him how he is handling her with an intention of insulting and to irate her more.

On the other hand, Rahul is patient enough to even reply to the insulting comments without losing his cool. Chinmayi was having an unnecessary argument on Twitter about parenting and the guy as he invited her for a public debate was tagging Rahul as he wrote the husband should get a Bharata Ratna for handling Chinmayi.

But Rahul tried to teach the guy how to take things easy. Well, that support is what gave her the courage and strength to speak up, you know, whatever she wants to.

Director Rahul’s response below;