Manjima Mohan Fumes on Naked Heroines CommentThese days, actresses aren’t taking disrespect silently rather they are giving a befitting answer to those regressive mindsets who look down upon actresses and women. ‘Saahasam Swasaga Sagipo‘ heroine Manjhima Mohan gave a tight verbal slap to an individual who made one such comment.

For a comment degrading actresses saying that people come to theaters only to watch heroines naked and their sleazy costumes, Manjhima Mohan’s reply is an apt one. According to Manjhima, “People come to theaters to watch good movies.” She corrects the individual and says he is wrong if he thinks that people come to theaters to watch heroines naked.

We completely agree with you Manjhima and you are totally right. No amount of sleazy content can make a movie successful unless there is substantial content and the story caters to the tastes of the audiences. Glamour is a part and a parcel of the film industry.But, not in a derogatory way.