Manisha Koirala seems to be having a tough time during her illness. Fighting cancer in New York where she has been undergoing chemotherapy, Manisha has realized that all her Bollywood friends have turned their backs on her and she is feeling distinctly sad about it.

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The actress is currently preparing to return to India in July following her treatment for cancer. She recently shared her feelings on a social networking site on Saturday describing the lonely journey of her fight with cancer. Apparently, none of the Bollywood stars except Deepti Naval visited Manisha or even enquired about her well-being while she was going through chemotherapies in New York, a fact that Manisha’s manager Subrata Ghosh confirmed.

As Manisha posted on her social networking account, “”How slowly, shadows of my past friendships are becoming distant dream… did I have bunch of friends with whom there were promises of life time? Disappointed, yes I’m…but then life fills you with new hope, new friends…hoping this time round it would be rooted in deep values rather then just crazy, fun times!!”

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