Famed director Maniratnam has filed a defamation case against a distributor who allegedly accused him falsely. The distributor in question is Mannan who had previously filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police against Mani Ratnam for Kadal’s distribution loss. It was also noted that Mannan had made uncalled for comments at Maniratnam thus damaging the director’s reputation.

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However the director’s Lawyer, Abudu Kumar, since Mani Ratnam had also sold the distributing rights of the film to a different company during the first schedule of Kadal, Mani Ratnam or his company cannot be held responsible for the losses incurred by the distributors. The director has therefore filed a defamation case against Mannan and has demanded a sum of Rs 5 crores as compensation. Furthermore, the High court has also issued an order to Mannan, limiting him from entering Maniratnam’s office or residence.