Mani Sharma Seems To Be Very AngryVictory Venkatesh’s Narappa has had its success meet last night in Hyderabad. Music Director Mani Sharma has skipped the event while the cast and crew of the film attended.

This has been not the only event Mani Sharma skipped for the film, he did not attend a single promotional event of the movie. Earlier in a TV interview, the senior music director expressed his displeasure about reusing tunes from the original for the remake movie.

Suresh Babu during the Pre-release promotions downplayed the issue saying that it’s an arrangement of convenience but it looks like the Senior music director is not visibly upset. This is the first time Mani Sharma working for Venkatesh after scoring music for many movies in their prime.

The reunion seems to be not a happy outing. Meanwhile, Narappa has released on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month and Venkatesh’s performance in the film is lauded by one and all.