Mani Ratnam

Celebrities have a history of losing their cool in front of the media. Most recently, top director Mani Ratnam couldn’t hold his temper during a promotional campaign for his upcoming film ‘Kadali’ held at Novotel in Hyderabad Today.

Mani was at presence for the curtain raiser of his upcoming film and the film unit had been interacting with the media persons as part of the promotional campaign for the film. However when a journalist for an English tabloid asked Mani a question he deemed inappropriate, Mani offensively shot back ‘Are You Trying To Teach Me?.’

However, media people are not very shocked by this development since this is not the first time Mani has lost his temper in front of a media audience. A month ago when a Tamil director CS Amudhan questioned Mani on his comfort level working with Maestro Ilayaraja, the director got annoyed and replied, ‘Are you working for a gossip magazine?’.