Mani Ratnam Mantra on Story TellingSome film makers like Mani Ratnam have unique film making style. Their movies seem to be like a beautiful picture painted on a huge canvas called screen. Such beauty and narration actually comes from a simple story idea which later on gets transformed into a 2 hour long entertaining saga.

According to lyricist Vairamuthu, Mani Ratnam has the unique technique of narrating a story in three minutes, the same technique which gets transformed as very effective short dialogues. The lyricist says that he connects with Mani Ratnam so easily that by the time the director completes his 3-minute narration, Vairamuthu could grasp the tale he wants to convey.

Vairamuthu is presently penning lyrics for Mani Ratnam’s upcoming movie ‘Ok Kanmani’ starring Nitya Menon and Dulquer Salman. His long association with the director seems to be the secret of understanding between them.