Manchu’s birthday gift to RGV – More films

Its director Ram Gopal Varma’s birthday today and looks like they have given a very big birthday gift to the director on this occasion. Well according to the latest reports doing the rounds in the industry it is believed that the Manchu’s will be making a series of movies with the director in the coming days. Recently released Rowdy was the first film in their combination.

Manchu family individually has been producing their own movies from a very long time. While a few have managed to click most of them have bitten the dust. The problem with these films biting dust is that they are made at a very steep cost and this is where a director like Ram Gopal Varma comes in handy. The director much like those the Manchu’s have worked with so far doesn’t guarantee big success but unlike them RGV doesn’t make expensive films and hence loses aren’t as severe. This fail safe formula seems to be the biggest reason behind the series of films planned. One has to wait and see how long can they sustain in model if it truly materializes as said.