Manchu Vishnu's Election Stunt Gone Wrong?Manchu Vishnu has announced contesting for MAA President. He along with Prakash Raj are the top contenders for the position which has five contestants in the race. For Vishnu, own building for MAA is the major election agenda.

Today he posted a video claiming that he has seen three plots for MAA building and “we will sit and decide”, he said. But then, this video has invited criticism within MAA and also from the general people.

“Who is Vishnu to see for plots? Is he going to donate the plot of MAA? This is just another election stunt. How is that he can take unilateral decisions? Did he even take his panel members along with him? Who is that he says ‘we will sit and decide’?,” Vishnu’s rivals criticize.

Meanwhile, the Suspense about the elections is still on. Prakash Raj, however, is keen on having the elections as per the schedule in September. Chiranjeevi is also batting for September.