Manchu_Manoj_Manchu_Vishnu_FightEarlier today, a video shared and later deleted by Manchu Manoj went viral on social media. In the view, Manchu Vishnu is seen charging at Manoj while the latter records the video. A couple of men hold Vishnu back.

Later, there were reports in media circles that the man in the video whom Manoj alleges Vishnu attacked was Saradhi, who was by Manchu Mohan Babu’s side for more than 20 years. It is reported that Saradhi had slowly moved towards Manoj’s side now. It is heard that Saradhi is also a relative of Mohan Babu and is a soft-spoken guy.

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When asked to comment about the video that has been going viral, Manchu Lakshmi said she will speak about it only after getting in touch with Vishnu and Manoj. There are also media reports that Manchu Mohan Babu is serious about the incident.

Vishnu later stated that what happened in the morning was just a small incident and it is common between him and his brother. He took the incident on a lighter note.

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