Manchu-Vishnu-to-Go-Live-on-Wife's-DeliveryThere are mixed reactions on social media platforms after Manchu Vishnu announced that he is planning to go live on Instagram when his wife Veronica Manchu is giving birth to their fourth child. Really?

Many social media users didn’t understand why Manchu Vishnu wants to publicize a personal event like a baby’s delivery in the form of Instagram live. Anyway, he said it was Kajal Aggarwal’s idea to go live. Vishnu and Kajal are currently working on a project made in English and Telugu.

Looks like, Veronica Manchu was okay with the idea of her hubby going live while she is giving birth. However, she replied playfully that she would kick him out but no offense to Kajal Agarwal for the idea. It’s understood that he would be going live but there wouldn’t be anything like a live video.

Those who were against the idea must have misunderstood Vishnu’s announcement. Most probably it would be a live chat not a live video. That’s what we think. What are your thoughts, folks?