Manchu Vishnu Ravana

Currently involved in the pre-production works of his home production Ravana, Manchu Vishnu is little heard about in the media these days. However the latest reports on the project suggest that Trevor Tuttle has been persuaded to oversee the VFX works of the his father Mohan Babu’s celebrated work. This big budget film will see Trevor Tuttle as the producer of the VFX as revealed by Vishnu on his micro blogging account.

“Sorry didn’t tweet much this week. Been very busy with Ravana and Veeru Potla movie. Been working with Trevor Tuttle from Hollywood on VFX for Ravana. Trevor is the VFX producer and am very excited on the progress. Ram Sita Lakmana Hanuman Vishnu Shiva Mandodari Indrajit” (sic). The actor adds that the movie had many characters like Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Vishnu, Siva and Mandodari etc., “And many more characters are going to be vibrant! Dream project shaping up!” (sic).