Manchu-Manoj's-Response-on-His-Second-MarriageManchu Manoj’s renunciation of films for a short while and then, his divorce has rocked his die-hard fans. Now that the actor is opening up and interacting with his fans quite regularly, his fans have got into the fun zone and are asking the Manchu scion about his second marriage.

Coming to the point, Manchu Manoj posted a tweet saying that he is all set to glow like a fireball and he is going to announce something interesting in a week’s time. Naturally, the Twitterati started speculating, and they thought that it might be about his second marriage.

Manchu responded to the question with, “Vaammoo,” which literally means that he isn’t game for marriage anytime soon. Once bitten, twice shy, is a popular proverb and Manchu Manoj’s expression is quite applicable to it.

The actor is going to soon produce films and of course, continue as an actor. Currently, he is busy finalizing scripts for his upcoming movies. Besides movies, he is also going to venture into digital space and produce web series, even.

Let’s wait and see how Manoj would plan this phase that is like a second phase for him after his short sabbatical followed by a crucial decision in his life, the divorce.