Lakshmi Manchu shocked

Mohan Babu’s daughter, Manchu Lakshmi’s new movie ‘Chandamama Kadhalu’ is on its way to hit the silver screen after a successful audio launch today. Her brother, Manchu Manoj attended the launch and has greeted everyone, spoke few words about the movie and was also surprised!

He exclaimed that he was shocked to see his sister, Lakshmi, smoke a cigarette in a scene in the movie. He, then, funnily said that Lakshmi will have to face their father once he watches that scene. The director laughed along and said that it was just a part of the movie and it will surely add an impact to the movie.

Later, Lakshmi spoke about that scene. She said that, though she felt disgusted to smoke different kinds of cigarettes, of which some tasted really bad, she did it because the movie needed it. Such scenes gave an essence to the story and the characters of the movie. With many actors playing lead roles and with a completely new, different story, how high will ‘Chandamama Kathalu’ mount the silver screen?