Controversies seem to be haunting Telugu cinema from all sides. After Pawan Kalyan’s Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, its the turn of Manchu Vishnu’s Denikaina Ready. Brahmin community seem to have offended with few scenes in the movie. Few organisations representing the Brahmin community had demanded the ban of the movie.

On the other side, Manchu Manoj, Brother of Vishnu had responded on these allegations. He rubbished all the allegations on the movie, he said on his Twitter page, “In #DKR there is no scene where brahmins r eating nonveg..some dumb people without watching the movie are creating these religion rifts. He also appealed to people to stay away from this kind of nonsense, he said, “Guys pls see good rather than trying to start fights . We have enough to deal within our state :)”