Manchu-Manoj-Isn't-NTR's-NemesisIf left unchecked, rumours can easily take wings and fly out of boundaries and it might turn very hard to turn them back. But, it didn’t happen in the case of Jr. NTR and Manchu Manoj.

They are close buddies in real life, but there were rumours that they were turning into each other’s nemesis. However, it wasn’t a rumour regarding their real lives rather on the big screen.

Immediately, the rumours were busted with the clarification that Manchu Manoj isn’t going to be the villain in NTR’s upcoming movie after RRR, i.e., a movie with Trivikram Srinivas to be bankrolled by Harika Hasini Creations.

We know that Manchu Manoj is planning a comeback movie and it would be a movie with him playing as the protagonist. NTR is yet to resume shooting for RRR along with his director Rajamouli.

So, talking about Trivikram’s movie would be too early to speculate. However, one can’t stop people from making assumptions and creating rumours. Right?