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Manchu Manoj Divorce Gets a Clarity

Manchu-Manoj-Divorce-Gets-a--ClarityLike many of the celebrities who fall victim to YouTube channels’ weird stories without any authenticity, there are a couple of stories making rounds that Manchu Manoj is going to divorce his wife Pranathi Reddy.

Responding to a question about his divorce on YouTube channels, Manoj said “Vaalla Bondha.” This translates to, “Nonsense’. Further, when someone asked him to describe his wife, Manoj was too quick to reply,”Naa Devatha” which means “My Goddess!”. For another query about his girlfriend, Manchu said that his wife is his girlfriend.

All this happened during the chat session on Twitter, today. The Manchu hero wasn’t as active on Twitter in the recent times as he used to be earlier. Besides that, there is a lot of ambiguity with regard to his upcoming movies and it seems that Manchu Manoj is quite laid back about his career causing great worry to his die-hard fans.

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