Manchu Bakthavathsalam Naidu was once roaming on roads. He went on severe struggle and later became ‘Collection King Manchu Mohan Babu’ who went on to act in more than 500 movies. He became an actor and later produced movies too. He established educational institutions and is giving free education to some poor students. He even tried his luck in politics and became an MP.  And now his children are no less.
His elder son, Manchu Vishnu is striving hard in his career even after string of flops. His next son Manoj is trying all his might to impress audience with live stunts and doing different movies. He is himself composing stunts in his upcoming movie, UU Kodathara Ulikki Padathara.
And his only daughter Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna has started her acting career with movies like Dongala muta, Department, a Tamil movie and now Gundello Godari. She has produced movies like Nenu Meeku Telusa?, Jhummandhi Nadam and currently Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara and Gundello Godari.
Any avid movie buff can not stop admiring their honest efforts irrespective of the movie results!