Manchi Rojulochaie Peddanna Enemy Telugu Movies Box office clash DiwaliAfter Dussera, we now move to another festival, Diwali. It is not that big of a release period for the Telugu film industry due to the dull weeks post the festival. However, it is still a ‘big festival’, especially for the rest of the industries and hence we do end up with several biggies one way or the other.

The Diwali festival usually sees the presence of the Tamil biggies and medium budget Telugu films. It is no different in 2021. We have a small Telugu movie Manchi Rojulochaie in Maruthi’s direction, a Superstar Rajinikanth movie Peddanna, and another dubbed flick Enemy starring Vishal and Arya.

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The Telugu original Manchi Rojulochaie stars upcoming talent Santosh Sobhan in the lead. The director’s brand is the ultimate draw here which can be seen with the response for paid premieres. If it gets favourable word of mouth, the rest of the festival weekend could see an upward spike.

Technically, the biggest movie among the three is Peddanna. It is a Superstar Rajinikanth movie, after all. However, the buzz in the film is poor. It is reflected in the advances that are below par for a Rajinikanth starrer. The main problem seems to be an outdated vibe. Would you believe it, some people think if it’s the latest Rajini movie or an old one dubbed into Telugu? But, as is with any star movie, all they need is a positive talk, and things could change by the evening itself.

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Finally, Enemy is the weakest of the three concerning the audience interest. Once again, as it stars notable names like Vishal and Arya, a positive buzz would surely give it a push. With festival weekend, it would happen sooner rather than later.

As things stand now, Manchi Rojulochaie and Peddanna are well poised for blasts. Both the movies rely on their respective star’s (director in the former case) brand power. Enemy could bomb if it doesn’t get the correct talk. Watch this space as we update who emerges the winner.

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